The FRINGE Centre (UCL’s Centre for the Study of Social & Cultural Complexity) invites you to attend the launch of  The Global Atlas of Social and Cultural Complexity, taking place on March 17, 2016, 6-8pm at the Common Ground, Wilkins Building (UCL).

The Global Atlas of Social and Cultural Complexity will be the first multimedia online resource focused on under-researched practices which are often seen as non-transparent or hidden to an outsider. 

The launch will provide a taster of informality, with short introductions that illuminate informal and invisible practices from across the globe.  

Confirmed speakers:

Claudia Baez-Camargo, Head of Governance Research, Basel Institute on Governance

Tim Beasley-Murray, Senior Lecturer in European Thought and Culture at UCL.

Akosua Bonsu, PhD Candidate, UCL Philosophy 

Ellen Filor, Junior Research Fellow, UCL’s Institute of Advanced Studies

Fredrik Galtung, President and Co-Founder of Integrity Action.

Eric Gordy, Senior Lecturer in Southeast European Politics

Udo Grashoff, DAAD Francis L. Carsten Lecturer in Modern German History

* Alena Ledeneva, Professor of Politics & Sociology 

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