2 June 2017: Book Launch: Axel Körner, America in Italy: the United States in the Political Thought and Imagination of the Risorgimento, 1763-1865. More information is available here.


18 January 2017: 1st 2016/17 Reading Group. More info on the Reading Group page and here.

11 November 2016: Symposium: “Populism in Historical Perspective”:

Symposium: Populism in Historical Perspective, 11.11.2016

23-24 June 2016: Conference: Remapping Centre and Periphery: Asymmetrical Encounters in European and Global Context, 1500-2000. More info here.

3 June 2016: 2nd Passionate Politics international workshop: “Concepts of Passions and Politics”:

3.6.16 – Concepts of Passions and Politics

19 February 2016: 3rd 2015/16 Reading Group. More info on the Reading Group page and here.

11 December 2015: 2nd 2015/16 Reading Group. More info on the Reading Group page

12-13 November 2015: Against Delivery, hosted by the Slade School of Fine Art. More details available here.

8 October 2015: 1st 2015/16 Reading Group. More info on the Reading Group page

6 October 2015: The Art of Dissident Domesticity: Incarceration, Sovereignty, Information – a #FRINGEcentre launch event. More details available here.

22 May 2015: JFIGS Friday Forum on Passionate Politics

20 March 2015: First conference on Emotions in Interdisciplinary Perspective. Click here to download the programme.


22 April 2015:Knowing in Feeling‘ lecture at the Institute of Education

21 May 2015: CTH Annual Lecture – Samuel Moyn on Mazzini and Human Rights

2015: Criminal Law and Emotions in European Legal Cultures: From 16th Century to the Present 21-22 MAY 2015. Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Center for the History of Emotions


6 December 2014: Axel Körner spoke about cosmopolitan empathy and the Italian reception of Meyerbeer at a conference on “Grand Opéra on the Move” at King’s College London, 6 December 2014.

11 November 2014: Dina Gusejnova convenes an event on Trials-Trauma- Theatre, the history of verbatim theatre in post-totalitarian societies, with director Mikhail Kaluzhsky. Click on the link to book a place

October 2014: Dina Gusejnova and Axel Körner participate in a conference on Sound, Affect, and Media in the Production of Wartime at King´s College London.

Axel Körner presents on ‘Verdi, America and the Unification of Italy’ at Oxford Long 19th Century Seminar, series Politics and Culture, and at the Max Planck institute for Human Development in Berlin, research group:
Felt Communities: Emotions in European music Performance

September/October 2014: Uta Staiger writes a blog at the European Institute on ‘From Indyref to Indignados’, discussing the extent to which emotions have arrived at the heart of contemporary politics – yet we still hesitate to admit it. She also gives a response at the book launch of Professor Geoffrey Hosking’s latest, ‘Trust: A History’.

Before the project:

2014: Uta Staiger writes a blog on ‘A Question of Trust‘, following a presentation in May 2014 on Trust at the UCL EI sponsored conference‘Generating Social Trust in the Twenty-First Century’.

Dina Gusejnova convenes a conference on linkages betweencosmopolitanism and war at the Centre for Transnational History and discusses the affective turn in politics and history on Russian science blog postnauka

Uta Staiger and the European Institute support a series of UCL-based events on history and cultural memory, including The Transmission of a Troubled Past and Legacies of European Slave Ownership

2013: Axel Körner discusses the emotional power of Brahms’s German Requiem in a BBC 4 programme on grief and discusses transatlantic connections and the links between politics and the stage through Verdi´s work

2012: Tim Beasley-Murray organises a conference on Politics as the Art of the Impossible, concluding it with some words on the contrast between the memorial function and emotive force of Václav Havel´s humanism in post-totalitarian societies (min. 1.18-4.00)