The next Passionate Politics Reading Group meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 18 January at 17.30 in room 212, 26 Gordon Square.

The topic of the  meeting will be “Mourning, Melancholia, Politics”, which will be introduced by Uta Staiger. The main text that will be read and discussed this time is an extract from Gillian Rose’s book “Mourning Becomes the Law: Philosophy and Representation”. In particular, we will be concentrating on Chapter One: “Athens and Jerusalem, a tale of three cities” (pp. 15-39).

Those who want to further explore the intersection of mourning, melancholia and political life, two more texts are are also encouraged to read two more texts: Judith Butler’s excellent “Precarious Life: the Powers of Mourning and Violence” (chapter 2: “Violence, Mourning, Politics”, pp. 19-49) and Nicole Loraux’s “The Mourning Voice. An Essay on Greek Tragedy” (chapter 2: “The Theatre of Dyonisus is not in the Agora”, pp. 14-25).